About the Firm

Led by Eric Mindel, the high-value consulting firm of ReturnItUP is comprised of ecommerce veterans with decades of combined experience to best serve your specific needs.  The breadth of ecommerce industry experts with whom we’ve built relationships makes for a network of resources that can be called upon quickly, depending upon the needs of your project’s execution.

With experience on platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify; along with marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Walmart; ReturnItUP is well versed in a multi-channel approach.  Additionally, our certification in Google Ads and Amazon Ads ensures ReturnItUP can be an effective steward of your PPC spend.  Brands can have a single partner for a holistic execution across the most important ecommerce channels.

ReturnItUP engages with brands and consumer goods manufacturers poised for growth and which are led by people who understand the value of the right partner as a key determinant of online success.

About the Founder, Eric Mindel

Eric Mindel

Helping Manufacturers and Retailers Grow Ecommerce | Amazon Selling | Amazon FBA | Ecommerce Strategy

Eric’s background includes starting / growing / selling an ecommerce business in premium consumer goods, designing and managing development of data reporting systems for research and healthcare, and full-blown engagement during the 1999-2002 dot com boom.

  • Influenced $100+ million in online sales.
  • Directed web builds up to 7-digits
  • Certified Google Ads (AdWords), Amazon Ads

Eric resides in the outskirts of Charlotte, NC with his wife and teen son.

About the Team

Eric has built relationships with specialists that either work for ReturnItUP or are subcontracted as your project needs require.

​The current team consists of:

  • AdWords PPC Specialist
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads Specialist
  • Magento Development Team (as needed)
  • BigCommerce Development Team (as needed)
  • Shopify Development Team (as needed)
  • Amazon VendorCentral Expert
  • Amazon SellerCentral Expert
  • Graphic Designer

What Eric understands...

"As a former ecommerce business owner, I've been through the Google algorithm changes, increasing Amazon competition, rise of social media, and other quick-moving web technologies.  I know what it's like to receive the daily emails and phone calls of so-called "experts" promising better search ranking, more success selling on eBay or Amazon, lower cost per acquisition on Google, utilizing Facebook to drive sales, or installing the latest/greatest plug-in gizmo for your website.

Building my ecommerce site before selling it, all my daily time was devoted to running the business.  It was tough to separate inbound snake oil sellers from solution partners.  Having been in your shoes, I commit you'll always get honesty and integrity in how ReturnItUP engages with you."

Eric Mindel Founder

Start improvingyour online sales today!

ReturnItUP works with consumer goods brands led by quality people.  Solid products, sound plan, aggressive-yet-sustainable growth, and ethical decisions are the foundation we seek for win-win relationships.

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