Web Design / Conversion Rate Optimization Pricing

Tailored Pricing to Match Your Needs for Ecommerce Website Development and CRO Projects

ReturnItUP typically operates on a client retainer structure, with scope and deliverables well defined.

Every client’s needs are different.  Each customized retainer agreement will ensure you’re paying only for services needed; and not for additional agency overhead or any services your team has already mastered.

Monthly retainer begins at $2500 for a narrow scope engagement.  Performance incentives can be negotiated for the right client/situation, in addition to a monthly retainer amount.  ReturnItUP enjoys long-term relationships with its client base, as our focus is on win-win partnerships.  Our retainer terms are month-to-month – if the relationship isn’t working, a 30-day notice is all it takes to terminate.  Our average client relationship lasts more than 2 years.

Larger projects with finite scope (e.g., website migration) can also happen as an add-on to retained structure or as a stand-alone.  A finite scope project would begin at $20,000 for it to be of interest to our agency.  For web development, ReturnItUP uses a blended approach of on-shore project management with off-shore expert programmers.  Our rates are competitive for website development work.

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