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Improve Profitable Paid Clicks with Google Ads and Bing PPC Management

Every year, Google Ads offers new ways to reach potential customers.  This also means that every year, the AdWords interface becomes more complex.

With all the new knobs and levers, it’s very easy to spend significant money on people clicking ads.  It’s much harder to find PROFITABLE clicks by combining the right keywords, target audience, ads, budgeting, landing pages, and a hundred other potential ways to influence performance.

Hiring a professional PPC manager isn’t going to make sense for smaller budgets of less than a few thousand per month.  It’s not likely you’ll gain enough upside to pay for the expert.  This is where an internal staff person can be trained through free Google resources to have a core competency; if not optimal. The exception is if you have a very high AOV and low CPA – the numbers can move quickly in this scenario.

We can help you manage your paid traffic and find better profit from it.

Paid traffic needs on-going monitoring, adjusting, experimenting, and reacting.
For businesses with more than $10,000 monthly spend, having a PPC expert can make sense. More profitable results often outpaces the price of the expert.

Case Study

Improved ROI from 4X to 8X
100% Increase in Sales Return for Every Ad Dollar Spent

Return on AdWords Spend (i.e., Conv. Value / Cost)


With competition from other channels emerging in AdWords and Bing ads, more noise in online advertising, and more product searches starting on Amazon; our client’s cost of ads had peaked at 25% of resulting sales.  This means that for every $100 of sales from ad clicks, $25 went to Google or Bing.


TASK - Restructure campaigns and ad groups
Create sophisticated structure of ads to allow for granular adjustments on campaign budgets, shopping ad skus, keywords, and other settings.
TASK - Restructure campaigns and ad groups
TASK - Develop performance-based ad grouping strategies
Break out shopping ad skus for similar tactics based upon overall performance, in addition to natural product type groupings
TASK - Develop performance-based ad grouping strategies
TASK - Adjust for time, location, device
Identify patterns among days of week, hours of day, geographic locations, and device time to adjust upward/downward by these segments
TASK - Adjust for time, location, device
TASK - Eliminate waste
Bid down and/or pause ads, keywords, shopping skus that fail to perform to client's goal; creating more opportunity for budget to be profitably spent.
TASK - Eliminate waste


  • Through on-going adjustments for 18 months, increase Conv. Value / Cost from about 4.0 to about 8.0.
    This means that for the same $20,000 of ad spend; we see an increase from $80,000 to $160,000 sales.

This is actual data that Eric Mindel helped his client achieve. Not all results will be identical across clients.

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