Amazon Sponsored Ads Pricing

Improving Your ACoS for More Profitable Ad Spend

Monthly Retainer Overview

For Amazon ads management by itself (i.e., not as part of a full-service Amazon optimization package), monthly retainer begins at $1250 or 10% of previous month’s ad spend, whichever is greater.  For example, a client spending $10,000/month on Amazon ads will pay $1250 (i.e., because it is greater than 10% of ad spend). A client spending $40,000/month on Amazon ads will pay $4,000 (i.e., because 10% is greater than the $1250 minimum).

Depending upon complexity of the account and catalog size, there may be a one-time setup fee as well that correlates to breadth needed. Most clients will have a one-time set-up fee ranging from $500 – $2,000.

We expect to see significant improvement by the second month.  Contract terms are month-to-month.  For advertising spends greater than $50,000/month, please contact us for custom pricing.

Find Greater Profit From Your Ads -- Even After Paying ReturnItUP!

If ReturnItUP can lower your ACoS significantly, at some point you pass a break-even and are more profitable by outsourcing your Amazon Sponsored Ads management.


  • You manage $18,000 ad spend yourself, achieving a 30% ACoS.
  • Ad-derived sales on this spend and ACoS is $60,000.
  • Excluding your own time or an employee's, your total cost of advertising is $18,000 + $0 consultant fee; or 30%.


  • ReturnItUP manages your Amazon Sponsored Ads and is able to improve your ACoS to 20%.
  • Your ad spend is the same $18,000/month.
  • At 20% ACoS, your resulting sales are $90,000.
  • Your total cost of advertising is $18,000 + $1,800 (ReturnItUP fee), for $19,800, or only 22% of sales generated (compared to 30% in Scenario 1).
  • Not only do you reduce your total cost of advertising in this scenario, but you also re-gain time for yourself or for an employee by outsourcing your ad management!
  • Plus, the additional sales velocity from ads will have a positive impact on your organic rank in Amazon SEO.

Results vary from client to client, depending upon their products, the product page quality for sales conversions, competition, and pricing strategies.

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