For Prospective Clients

Like Goldilocks, We Find Client Partners Who Are a "Just Right" Match

Existing and previous clients range from $3M to $40M in annual sales of nonperishable consumer goods.
Our expertise helps retailers and manufacturers alike.

We help drive strong growth in these scenarios:

  • Launching/Expanding Amazon VendorCentral or SellerCentral
  • Improving Google AdWords performance
  • Making Gains in Amazon Advertising
  • Increasing Conversion Rate on Ecommerce Website
  • Redesigning / Migrating in Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento (and helping to identify which is the right match for you)
  • ​Needing a High-Level Ecommerce Expert on Your Team to Guide Staff

Small to medium businesses stand the most to gain out of a relationship with ReturnItUP.   Our month-to-month retainer agreement is custom designed for your specific needs.

Current and Recent Clients include:

Auto Parts & Accessories

Art Supplies

Baby (Gear, Equipment, Toys, Safety)

Beauty and Personal Care

Consumer Electronics (TV, Audio)

Garden and Landscape


Incontinence Products​

Marine Accessories​

Nutritional Supplements

Toys & Games (Children)​

Our team of experts is focused on revenue-driving to help your brand grow and expand. Our retainer structure gives you more experience and expertise at far less expense than comparable FTE.

Having a first conversation will cost you nothing, so reach out today!

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