Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Website Audits and Recommendations to Increase B2C Ecommerce Sales

Your website is your digital storefront and a key component in your sales funnel and online marketing plan.

While most ecommerce businesses understand how critical it is to drive new traffic to their websites, fewer invest in optimizing their site to increase sales from existing inbound traffic.

Given the experience of today’s online customer, the smallest obstacle in your website’s layout or design can result in abandons. Today’s savvy ecommerce customer has less patience than years past, and expectations for an easy online experience have never been higher.

With our Conversion Rate Optimization services, we audit your website to identify and resolve the issues that may be limiting the quantity of transactions, and potentially restricting average order value.  The goal is to land more sales and revenue from existing traffic.

If a $4 million business improves from 1.1% to 1.3% online conversion rate on sales, annual gross revenue increases $727,000; if all else remains the same.

Investing in a Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy can have a huge impact on top and bottom line.

What Is a Conversion Rate?

The math for understanding conversion rates is simple: the number of conversions on your site is divided by the number of site visitors.  This ratio is a percent of buyers per visitors.  This number is your conversion rate. For typical B2C ecommerce websites, the average conversion rate is 1% to 2%.  For every hundred visitors, one to two become buyers.

Ecommerce sites that enjoy strong brand loyalty or that serve niche categories with highly passionate buyers are more likely to have higher conversion rates than websites in competitive categories of commodity-type products.   In either scenario, there is usually room to improve on conversion rates.   Customer-centric ecommerce sites that focus on optimizing design and user experience will achieve higher conversion rates.

Every aspect of your site can be an opportunity for conversion. In CRO, we leverage our extensive experience in ecommerce to increase these opportunities.

How Does CRO Work?

During the Conversion Rate Optimization process, we identify the obstacles that are holding your site back and interfering with user experience.   This is possible even on cart platforms like Bigcommerce, Shopify, Volusion, or Woocommerce that limit front-end and functional customization.

Negative influencers affecting your site can include:

  • Site navigation problems
  • Insufficient product data
  • Complicated or ambiguous checkout processes
  • Site incompatibility across devices
  • Slow load times
  • And more

The smallest misstep in any one of these factors can result in a customer dropping out of the sales funnel. Through CRO, we address these issues to streamline the customer experience, increasing qualified leads and conversions. CRO assesses:

  • Engagement levels and activity of different customer segments
  • What page or site elements are creating friction for the customer
  • How improvements to site media and content can drive revenue

After assessing these criteria, we develop a plan to address critical stumbling blocks as well as improve the elements of the site that are working adequately.

How ReturnItUP Optimizes Your Ecommerce Site

An optimized site guides your visitor through the purchasing process, provides the data they want quickly and efficiently, and presents a professional and seamless UI. This results in increased conversions on the same traffic volume.

Some of the techniques we use to optimize your site include:

Analyzing your Home Page
We can optimize the Home page of your site by identifying and highlighting common user paths. This reduces bounce rate and funnels qualified leads towards the purchasing process.
Analyzing your Home Page
Implementing a Responsive Design
Your customer wants a user-friendly experience on any device. A site that doesn’t work well on mobile can quickly result in abandons. What’s more, Google is prioritizing mobile indexing in their indexing and ranking. We audit your site design to ensure cohesive appearance and performance across devices, with an emphasis on mobile usability.
Implementing a Responsive Design
Improving Product Media Assets
Low-quality images, insufficient product descriptions, and a lack of dynamic media affects customer experience and customer opinion of your offerings. We upgrade the quality of your media assets so that they better reflect the quality of your products drive traffic towards your revenue-driving SKUs.
Improving Product Media Assets
Optimizing Sales Funnel Messaging
Your customer wants assurance along the way, and optimizing messaging throughout the sales funnel is part of that. Improved on-page communications addresses customer queries and concerns in real time to reduce friction in the sales path.
Optimizing Sales Funnel Messaging

Benefits to SEO

An added benefit of CRO is its associated positive impact on your SEO efforts. An improved conversion rate has a direct effect on your existing or developing SEO campaign. CRO results in a reduced bounce rate, which Google tracks as a post-click indicator of relevance and user experience.

How Do We Measure Success in Conversion Rate Optimization?

The ultimate goal of a conversion rate optimization agency is to ensure that for every visitor who is a potential customer, it is not the medium (i.e., the website and its customer journey) that causes the visitor to abandon your website without a purchase.  We would expect a significant increase in conversion rate immediately after executing our plan on your website. For issues identified that require building data on best solution, we would go through a series of A/B testing with your website’s traffic to determine best performing solution to keep.

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