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Improving Your Return for Google Ads and Bing Ads

Google Ads (previously known as AdWords) is ever-evolving to provide new opportunities to online sellers.  This is great for experts, but it can create an unprofitable mess for the less experienced.  This is why a professional PPC Management Service provider is a smart choice for businesses.  Hiring a Google PPC expert lets you grow your bottom-line in a sustainable, profitable way.

We’ll understand where your return needs to land and the tolerances for ad cost to revenue ratio you need to hit.  We accomplish this via thorough planning on budget and strategic execution of a PPC plan that evolves as your account builds data.

Advertising Feature Description

Total Keywords in Campaigns

Each keyword is an opportunity to match a potential customer's search query. A higher volume of effective keywords can create more opportunities. Of course, effort to manage these keywords for performance and on-going bid adjustments increases with a higher volume of keywords.

Google Ads PPC

Google Ads was known for years as Google AdWords. It is the primary ad structure for sellers to reach targeted customers on the Google ad platform.

Bing Ads PPC

What was branded as Bing Ads for years is now called Microsoft Advertising. It's the primary ad structure for sellers to reach targeted customers on the Bing search engine and Microsoft network.

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network can help you reach people while they’re browsing their favorite websites, showing a friend a YouTube video, checking their Gmail account, or using mobile devices and apps. Display allows you to engage users with appealing ad formats, not just text words.

Google Search Network

The Google Search Network includes search-related websites and apps where your ads can appear. By advertising on the Google Search Network, your ad can show when someone searches on terms related your keywords. Ads may appear above or below search results on Google Search and can appear alongside search results on Google Play, Google Shopping, Google Images, and Google Maps.

Campaign Development and Strategy

Google Ads PPC campaigns can be nearly limitless in a large account. Each campaign has a primary theme and strategy, usually segmented by type of audience, type of product, type of bid tactics, or any other natural grouping of products or keywords. Each advertiser will have different groups of campaigns, specific to its own business needs and goals.

Advanced Keyword Research

Keywords are the life blood of successful paid traffic ads. Anticipating how customers will search for your products, and being able to place a click value on each keyword, can be the difference between success and failure. Research on competitors, from your own web analytics, and via other keyword evaluation tools will help identify desirable keywords for your campaigns.

Text Ad Writing

Attached to every keyword is an assigned ad designed to hook your potential customer into clicking over to your website. Text ads have headlines and short descriptions that should be compelling and highly relevant to the keyword. Additionally, this must be done within compliance of Google Ads and/or Microsoft Ads style rules.

Ad Copy Performance Analysis

Writing an ad is a first step, but monitoring performance of multiple ads within the same campaign is what will lead to increasing success.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion into Ads

PPC advertising platforms allow for insertion of a potential customer's exact search query into the headline of your ad as a tactic to test against other ads that you may be running. If the customer's search query happens to be relevant to the rest of the ad, this type of ad has the potential to perform very well.

Integration with Google Analytics

Google Ads can integrate with Google Analytics to have an all-in-one view of different types of your website traffic and their respective performance in visitor behavior and conversions.

On-going Strategic Bid Management

PPC Management is not a "set it and forget it" job. For hundreds or thousands of keywords, each has its value in being able to drive traffic that converts on your website. Having the experience and software to adjust each one to reach the ideal value, and making adjustments as competitors and marketplace changes, is among the most important elements of long-term success for pay-per-click advertising.

Settings for Geo-Targeting

One of the powerful features of Google Ads and Microsoft ads is to be able to target states or cities that are most likely to convert when their residents use search to reach your website. This can be accomplished through exclusion or by weighting bids appropriately; where more important locations have higher bids and less important locations have lower bids.

Settings for Device-Type

Similar to geo-targeting, having the ability to make bid adjustments for device type can be a powerful tool to get the most for every dollar spent in a PPC strategy plan. For example, if smartphone customers convert at a rate that is only half of desktop users, a reasonable tactic would be to bid 50% lower for search queries placed on a smartphone.

Client retains ownership of AdWords Account and all setup/modifications

Sometimes, a Google AdWords management agency will take ownership of the work that they do. If/when you wish to terminate the relationship, the that type of PPC management firm owns the work product. If you leave, all the work and improvements done on your account will disappear. ReturnItUP works as an additional administrative user within your own advertising account. This way, all work that we do together on your Google Ads and Microsoft Ads will survive a separation.

Rules-Based Bidding

Our adwords management service expertise combined with software allows us to programmatically take action on your account whenever data reporting meets certain criteria. This approach blends human knowledge with software efficiency.

Landing Page Optimization and Performance Testing

Available as an additional cost, if your team is not able to execute on creating landing pages to test, we can work with you to publish new webpages. The goal would be to experiment with how ad traffic behaves when landing on variations of a webpage, to determine which would be most valuable.

Monthly Reporting

For all PPC management services that we offer, a customized monthly report shows how funds were spent within advertising, the performance of ads in important KPI, how those metrics are trending over time, and ultimately the return in sales revenue generated by the ad spend.

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