Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase Online Sales with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Every website has barriers that get in the way of customers making it all the way to completing a sale.  The percent of customers who complete a sale represents the conversion rate, which may be 0.75% to 3% for most consumer goods ecommerce websites.  For niche or brand-loyal websites, the conversion rate may be much higher.

If a $4 million business improves from 1.1% to 1.3% online conversion rate on sales, annual gross revenue increases $727,000; if all else remains the same.

Case Study

Improved Conversion Rate from 2.7% to 4.1% in 12 months
51% Increase in Transactions on Same Traffic Volume

Ecommerce Conversion Rate (BigCommerce)


Niche ecommerce website sells direct to consumer on BigCommerce with approximately 2,000 skus.  For several years, conversion rate had stayed consistent between 2.5% to 3% overall.  Mobile conversion rate hovered around 1.5%; while desktop customers consistently converted well above 4%.


TASK - Redesign homepage
Identify most common needs/paths of users and reduce bounce rate
TASK - Redesign homepage
TASK - Emphasize mobile usability
Study user patterns for obstacles and redesign for mobile users on homepage, product page, cart, checkout
TASK - Emphasize mobile usability
TASK - Site search improvement
Implement administrative weighting of fields for better results; add hidden keywords
TASK - Site search improvement
TASK - Help product browsing and upselling experience
Introduce more thoughtful cross-sell opportunities; blended between dynamic and assigned
TASK - Help product browsing and upselling experience
TASK - Improve product media assets
Update images for better zooming, introduce video product overviews on highest revenue-driving skus
TASK - Improve product media assets
TASK - Build out messaging along funnel
Provide better on-page communication for common questions during path to purchase
TASK - Build out messaging along funnel


For YoY comparision of December to February aggregate


  • Increase 2.7% to 4.1% conversion rate (51% improvement)


  • Increase 1.5% to 2.6% conversion rate (73% improvement)


  • Increase 3.1% to 4.1% conversion rate (32% improvement)


  • Increase 4.9% to 6.8% (39% improvement)

This is actual data that Eric Mindel helped his client achieve. Not all results will be identical across clients.

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