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Use Amazon Sponsored Ads for Profit and Organic Sales Growth

Amazon advertising is a key element for building long-term growth and success in VendorCentral and SellerCentral.

Because Amazon algorithms reward sales velocity – regardless of traffic source – Amazon PPC optimization can drive more sales and influence Amazon organic search algorithms.

Approaching Amazon advertising requires a different mentality when compared to traditional PPC paid traffic management like Google Ads or Bing.

Get the expert experience from an Amazon PPC agency that is Sponsored Ads Certified and has managed millions of dollars of Amazon ad spend.

If you don't have an Amazon PPC strategy for your products, you're missing opportunity to push stronger growth for the entire account.

How Do Amazon Sponsored Ads Work?

Amazon Advertising is not unlike other PPC ad channels like AdWords or Bing. Most advertisers will utilize two basic types of ad campaigns running concurrently: Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products. Unique to Amazon, unlike Google AdWords, is that if your Amazon ad results in a customer purchasing your item, Amazon profits from it. In this way, in addition to sellers or vendors paying Amazon a cost-per-click on your ad, Amazon’s algorithms will take likelihood of a sales conversion as measure for which ad to show during a customer’s search or browsing activity.

In “Auto Target” (a setting that the seller selects), an Amazon advertising campaign allows Amazon to determine when your ad should show to a customer at a maximum budget and bid per click that you decide.

In “Manual Target”, the seller decides for which keywords and/or similar products the ad should be shown. Each keyword can have a different bid.

A seller’s advertising account should have a strategic structure setup to allow for granular adjustments that make the entire advertising spend more profitable over time. It’s not uncommon for a seller to have dozens of campaigns, hundreds of ad groups (i.e., sub-sections of each campaign), and thousands of keywords.

What are Amazon Sponsored Brands?​

Sponsored Brand Ads were previously called Headline Ads on Amazon. They originally were called Headline Ads because they most often appear at the top of the results page on Amazon after a customer searches for a product. This “Sponsored Brand Ad” features your brand logo, a brief custom headline related are Amazon ads that feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and up to three of your products. When clicked, the ad takes a customer to your Amazon Brand Store, or to a special landing page with a selection of your products.

What are Amazon Sponsored Products?

Sponsored Product Ads appear alongside Amazon search results and appear very similar to the results. In fact, the only signal to the customer is the additional word “Sponsored” that appears in the Sponsored Product Ad placement. Sponsored Product Ads also appear on other product pages, as suggested related or comparable items. Relevance, performance (i.e., sales generated), and bid all play the most significant roles for a Product Ad to appear in search results or on a product page.

How Does ReturnItUP Help You?​

An effective Amazon PPC agency must employ a combination of experience and technology. The expertise of experience guides how to set up campaigns and ad groups. It also allows a skilled Amazon PPC manager the ability to use programmatic adjustments that are more efficient and methodical than any person can be.

Here at ReturnItUP, we have managed millions in ad spend and delivered improvements in ACoS (Ad Cost of Sales) across our clients. This means more revenue per ad dollar spent.

We use a proprietary software that accommodates custom rules that we create for every client. Within each client, we also establish targeted ACoS and spend numbers that may be different for each campaign or group of products. For clients with products that have different product margins, this level of sophistication in your Amazon PPC strategy is critical.

ReturnItUP has evaluated many “do it yourself” software programs for Amazon PPC optimization. In our evaluations, none of them delivered the kind of performance that we see for our clients in combining our expert knowledge and the technology we use.

What Amazon PPC Management Services Does ReturnItUP Offer?

  • Amazon advertising account audit
  • Strategic planning
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign and ad group setup
  • On-going bid adjustments and refining of ads

How Much Can We Improve Your Account?

For all of our clients, we see improvement in ACoS (ad cost of sales) that can range from 10% to 80% improvement.  This means that for each ad dollar you spend on Amazon PPC, it generates more sales.

Additionally, once we find strategies that work profitably for your business, we help increase ad spending to drive further revenues with profitable incremental gains.  We’ve seen some clients 100X their advertising sales.

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How Much Does It Cost?​

ReturnItUP effectively engages with clients that range from a $10,000 monthly ad spend on Amazon, up to $250,000 in monthly advertising cost.

Our combination of expertise and utilization of technology creates an efficient, thorough process to identify opportunities, eliminate waste, and expand your ad strategies.

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