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Amazon Consulting on VendorCentral or SellerCentral

Amazon is a beast, selling $193 billion in the USA in 2019.  How else to describe the online destination responsible for more than half of US online ecommerce sales?  The competition is fierce, the opportunity is immense, and the Amazon selling policies are overwhelming.

ReturnItUP offers Amazon SEO, Amazon marketing strategy, and other Amazon consulting services to help businesses make informed decisions on fees, FBA, advertising, stocking levels, and product positioning.

We know your concerns about brand protection, MAP, unauthorized sellers, content ownership… and we help you limit the risk while gaining the sales!

Amazon Growth Planning Overview

Selling on Amazon has a lot of untapped potential for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers.  Getting a piece of that potential means dotting all your I’s and crossing a lot of T’s. Even at its current scale, Amazon is still a rapidly evolving entity that changes quickly, and on a continuous basis. With hundreds of policies to understand, this ecommerce juggernaut can confuse even the most experienced sellers. What’s more, your business also has to deal with ever-increasing competition and noise from other sellers on the site as the Amazon empire continues to scale up.

The learning curve on Amazon for sellers can be long— and costly. At ReturnItUP, we leverage our extensive experience as an Amazon consultant to help you grow your brand in Amazon SellerCentral or VendorCentral.

Planning and Executing an Overall Amazon Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Success on Amazon means distinguishing your brand from hundreds of similar offerings. Any business needs to position its brand for online success today; on Amazon, it’s mission critical.  The plan for Amazon may be different from other channels, while staying brand-consistent in messaging, branding, and visuals.

Developing Your Amazon SEO Strategy

You need to appear higher up in Amazon search results in order to succeed. Part and parcel of this is developing a cohesive and productive Amazon SEO strategy. A solid plan that is based in the algorithm indicators used by the Amazon A9 search engine is the only way to improve your rankings, and as an Amazon SEO agency, ReturnItUP can help improve your rank and product page traffic.

As with any search engine you might use online, Amazon leverages their algorithm to generate results to searches run by customers who are most likely to purchase your products.  Knowing what parameters affect these search results is a significant part of what we do, giving us the ability to enhance the relevancy of your listings; as part of our overall Amazon consulting services.

Building Out A+ Detail Pages and Brand Store

As effective SEO is landing more eyes on your products, you need product detail pages that retain customer interest and convert into sales. That’s why we work to build out your detail pages with rich images and A+ content (previously called Enhanced Brand Content on SellerCentral). An optimized Amazon product page with clear images, bullet points, and descriptions will keep your customers interested and persuade more page viewers to complete a purchase.

As an Amazon marketing agency, we can also facilitate the implementation of a Brand Store that brings your multiple offerings together into one space. This is a great way to build your brand story, as well, so that you can increase engagement with your ideal customer.

Setting Up Your Items to be Compliant with Amazon Requirements

Amazon takes compliance very seriously.  Without customer confidence, Amazon’s success starts to crumble.  As a result, Amazon has thousands of policies requiring adherence by sellers on both product page setup and account performance.  Amazon scans product listings on a continuous basis and issues performance notifications, ASIN delisting notices, or account suspensions.

One of the fastest roads to failure on Amazon is falling out of compliance with their rules.  Account suspension or product page suppression can cost thousands of dollars to resolve, while no revenue is coming in.  We help ensure that your offerings are in compliance with Amazon’s guideline, and that your account is well-positioned to succeed.  Compliance is part of the overall Amazon growth strategy.

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